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Job Interview


Invest in yourself.

GET the job you want.


1:00PM - 4:00PM (CST) 







only $120




Yes, you are great at what you do. The problem is, there are a lot of other people who have similar experiences and backgrounds.


And if you're like most people, talking about yourself and your talents isn't exactly second nature. What do you say to make sure interviewers know you'd be the perfect fit?


Don't miss out on the job you want because you're not sure how to communicate your talents in a way that makes you stand out!

It's your talents that really impact who you are at work, so it's your talents that are going to get you the job you want!

Your time and money is valuable, so we've created a short, 3-hour workshop to help you stand out in your interviews. We'll help you...

  • Understand how your talents show up for you

  • Develop your Authentic Leadership Style

  • Craft strategic answers to common interview questions

  • AND do some mock interviews to put your new knowledge into action


Don't show up to your interviews unprepared! Invest in yourself. Understand your talents, your leadership style, and sell them during your interview. Get the job you want. In fact, let's make sure you do so well that you have your choice of jobs and have the power to negotiate your offer.

This event is on Monday, March 15, 2021

from 1:00PM (CST) - 4:00PM (CST).

If you haven't taken the CliftonStrengths talent assessment,

you can purchase a code to take it within the registration

for a discounted rate of only $15. 

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