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Anne Brackett

Chief Engagement Officer

ideation | context | adaptability  input | strategic


M.Ed., Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Gallup Engagement Champion



connectedness | input | arranger  developer | individualization

MSW, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Gallup Certified Facilitator in Strengths Based Education,

Gallup Certified Instructor in Strengths Based Education

Chief Education Officer


empowering leaders in higher education

We went into higher ed because we love supporting students. When we became supervisors, we were thrilled. Now we had a chance to make an even bigger impact. We were a bit surprised that our training for this important role focused almost entirely of logistical issues, like when time cards were due and employee handbook details.


Like you, we jumped in feet first and had to learn along the way. Sure, we had some great successes, but there were also many frustrating situations. We looked to others as role models and for advice, but that wasn't as effective as we'd hoped. 


When we discovered CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder and StrengthsQuest), we realized the power of focusing on supervising through the lens of our talents. It was a game changer. We used CliftonStrengths on campus with students, staff, and even faculty. It's can be incredibly effective, but the problem was getting people to stick with it. It was easy for people to get excited when they first took the assessment, but then most people went back to their daily routine and the enthusiasm waned. 

When we founded Strengths University, we wanted to provide supervisors - both new and experienced - the training we (and most people) never got. To make sure our training sticks, we take a three pronged approach... 

Empowering Leaders
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