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as we welcome 2022, let's take a minute to think about how we felt in 2021...


We know 2020 was awful, so we had high hopes for 2021. How did it go for you? 


Were things better, or was it more back-to-back meetings, constant interruptions, putting out fires instead of strategically growing your team and your department? Were you just as stressed this year as last year? Or maybe you felt even more stress?


If your 2021 wasn't as great as you'd hoped, we created a four part series to help you make 2022 less stressful and more productive. 


We've sent these videos out to folks on our mailing list starting Monday, December 13th, but we wanted to have a place where they could all be together so you had easy access to all of them. 

Part 1 | An Opportunity to Supervise Differently...

If you're tired of feeling tired and overwhelmed, maybe it's time to supervise differently. Most supervisors haven't been given the training and support they need to be successful, so if you're struggling you're not alone. In this episode, we talk about how important it is to get research-backed training on how to effectively supervise to conserve energy. When supervisors don't have the knowledge and skills to effectively manager their team, your energy and that of your team is wasted. Learn a simple way you can start understanding how you're spending your energy each day. 

Watch Part 1 Here...

Part 2 | Transforming Yourself into an Effective Leader

As we continue talking about how to make 2022 a better year, we talk about how important it is to have effective systems that are aligned with your goals and objectives. When your systems aren't effective, you and your team will waste energy and time on a daily basis. Learn how to quickly assess how effective your systems are for you and your team.

Watch Part 2 Here...

Part 3 | Becoming and Authentic Leader

Now that you know more about how much energy you're wasting and how imperative it is to have effective system, we talk about how you can use your unique talents to transform from an overwhelmed supervisor into a confident, authentic leader. Your talents come from your subconscious brain, so they show up automatically and drive your thoughts, feelings, and actions. If your talents are showing up in a productive way, they help you directly achieve your goals, so you're maximizing your energy. When your talents show up as weaknesses, they're actually working against you and wasting your energy. 

Watch Part 3 Here...

Part 4 | Investing in Yourself for a Better 2022

In the final part of our 2021 Wrap Up series, we tie everything together. If you've been struggling to balance your supervisor role with the giant pile of work on your desk, you're not alone. Supervisors aren't given the training or support they need to be successful, but in this episode we talk about how you can invest in yourself and transform from an overwhelmed and stressed supervisor into confident, empowered, authentic leader in 2022.​

Watch Part 4 here...

We made this series to help you reflect on your role as a supervisor this past year, AND to help you think about what would make 2022 better for you and your team. 

If this series resonated with you, it's time to start supervising differently. 

If you want to feel more confident, empowered, and less-stressed in 2022,

enroll in our spring Supervisor Strengths Institute


If you need more information, click here...

If you're ready to transform from being stressed and overwhelmed into an empowered and authentic leader, click here...

2021 Wrap UP series

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