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We empower leaders in education.

We help educational institutions maximize their most valuable and expensive resource – employees – by coaching and training supervisors in how to develop an authentic, personal leadership style, establish better communication within their team, and create a culture that increases employee productivity, creativity, and engagement.

We start with the Clifton Strengths talent assessment as  a framework for what we do,  but that's just the first step.

Knowing your talents is great, but until you begin to integrate understanding and investing in those talents into your daily life, you won't see much change. 

We help supervisors develop habits and systems so they can use their Strengths to become the effective, authentic leader they were always meant to be.


No matter how long you've been a supervisor, we will help you develop your Strengths, skills, knowledge, and systems to maximize your team and organization. 

80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence


Both Alicia and Anne are Gallup Certified Strengths    Coaches. We are committed to helping you develop       your talents into Strengths. We want to partner with you to develop a personalized plan to help you reach your goals, solve problems, and invest in your talents.

Deborah Carter, Dean, Student Development & Enrollment Management 

The Strengths assessment was pivotal in understanding my own personal strengths and being able to use that knowledge to move forward confidently and productively.  As a leader, I wanted my team to benefit from that same understanding.  Anne and Alicia’s Strengths workshops were a wonderful way to bring my whole division together to discover more about ourselves individually and as a team working together toward a common purpose. Their workshops are so engaging and informative, and they go out of their way to customize the workshop to the needs of the organization.  The workshop feedback from the team has been so positive.  It is very encouraging to hear team members use Strengths knowledge in their conversations with each other and in their handling of situations that come their way.  We look forward to continued growth in Strengths with Anne and Alicia’s coaching!

Begin Developing Your Strengths.

We offer individual coaching or seminars and workshops for larger teams. We'll develop a customized solution to meet your needs.

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