Strengths Team

Our team has a combined 30 years of experience training, coaching, and supporting supervisors, teams, and students in education. Both Alicia and Anne are Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches and are committed to helping you develop your talents into Strengths. We want to partner with you and your team to help you discover and develop your Strengths, maximize your team, and develop a personalized plan to help you reach your goals.


Our Mission

We empower leaders in education.

We believe that supervisors and teams benefit when individuals understand, appreciate, and develop their own unique set of talents. When people know who they are and what they do best, they are happier, more productive, more engaged, more successful, and treat others with respect and compassion.

Anne Brackett

Chief Engagement Officer

M.Ed., Gallup Certified Strengths Coach,

Gallup Engagement Champion

ideation | context | adaptability | input | strategic

I have worked in Higher Education as a supervisor for 20 years. I’ve seen so many students, faculty, and staff struggle because they haven’t found their voice, discovered their strengths, or learned how to use them. Throughout my career, my goal has always been to provide the students, faculty, and staff I have worked with opportunities to become a more authentic version of themselves.


I am passionate about improving the lives of supervisors. I know how many demands are put on the people who lead others. Supervisors (and honestly most people) worry more about how they stack up to others instead of trying to better understand themselves and how they can harness their talents to develop a powerful and authentic leadership style. 
Over the years, I have trained and coached students, student leaders, administrators, faculty, and staff about assertiveness, interpersonal communication, engagement, teamwork, and anything else I thought would help them better manage the issues they faced. Now I want to focus all of my experience and knowledge to empower supervisors by giving them the skills they need to develop their talents, build successful teams, better understand others and improve their sense of well being. 

Alicia Wojciuch

Chief Education Officer​

MSW, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, 

Gallup Certified Facilitator in Strengths Based Education,

Gallup Certified Instructor in Strengths Based Education
connectedness | input | arranger | developer | individualization

I have always been dedicated to serving others, especially those who have faced significant challenges in their lives. I have worked in Higher Education for the past 10 years – the majority of which I worked supporting students with disabilities. Before that I worked at a residential treatment center for children with emotional and behavioral challenges and disorders - children who were often victims of abuse. In every facet of my career, I’ve advocated for the people I work with to make sure they had their best chance at overcoming any obstacle and being successful. I obtained my Master’s degree in Social Work because I want to help people lead lives that are healthy and fulfilling, no matter what they may have gone through in the past or the challenges they now face.
When I discovered Strengths almost five years ago, I knew my approach to coaching and supporting others would never be the same. Now when I work with students, staff, or faculty, I use my knowledge to help them discover their own talents and the talents of those around them. I am energized when I’m helping someone navigate and develop their talents to become the best and most authentic version of themselves. The best part of my day is seeing someone’s reaction when they discover something new about themselves, their abilities, or their lives. My passion is helping other people find theirs.

Begin Developing Your Strengths.

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Peter Jaeger, 2018 Pharm D Candidate & Resident Assistant

I had many strength coaching sessions with both Alicia and Anne. They both were super friendly and easy to talk to! I also appreciated how they were able to adapt and change each coaching session to fit my needs and explored subjects that I was interested in and had questions about. They really listened to me and focused on my needs. I would absolutely recommend that others have this experience. I cannot express enough gratitude for how thankful I am for the skills I was able to develop and master from this training. It has completely changed how I work with others and makes challenging tasks less difficult as I am able to conquer them by using my strengths.

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