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Meet with one of us individually to ask all those specific questions you have about your strengths, team members, or situations that have been stressing you out. It's a great way to get a truly customized experience. 


Whether you're a supervisor who wants their team to better understand their strengths, planning a team retreat, or have a group of supervisors who need training, we have a number of great options.


We're in the process of developing online training options, including a two day, supervisor boot camp. If you're interested, click the button below and we'll send you information when we've got things ready to go!

Conversation between Colleagues

Individual coaching packages

Individual packages may be purchased online or by clicking "GET STARTED NOW" BUTTON

Audience in Lecture

TEAM training packages

hourly Seminars

If you'd like to do a short, informational session for your group, we offer one or two-hour seminars.


These seminars are less interactive than a workshop, but are good options if you want to help your group get an overview of a specific area such as interview skills, engagement, or an  the strengths philosophy.  

PER HOUR | $600*



We offer half (3.5 hours) and full day (7 hours) interactive workshops or retreats. We work with you to customize this time to meet your goals. We can focus on a variety of topics related to strengths, supervision, and engagement. 


Pricing for workshops and retreats is based on 40 or fewer participants. Additional participants can be added for $50 a person.

HALF DAY | $2300 *

FULL DAY | $4500 *

TEAM coaching

We combine the best of coaching and training into a series of 2-hour sessions. In each session, we'll cover a topic and give team members a chance to work through specific related issues like during coaching.


This process is more in depth and interactive, so pricing is based on 15 or fewer participants. Additional participants can be added for $100 per person. 

3 SESSIONS | $4350 *

5 SESSIONS | $7000 *

7 SESSIONS | $9450 *

assessment CODES

We don't include Clifton Strengths codes in the price of our group packages to make sure you're only paying for what you need.


There are two report options. We recommend the All 34 Report for supervisors. For groups of non-managerial staff, the Top 5 is a good starting point. If you or team members already have your Top 5 Report, you can just purchase an upgrade. 

TOP 5 | $13 **

34 UPGRADE | $33 **

34 REPORT | $43 **

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* Pricing does not include travel outside 50 miles of the St. Louis Metro Area. If you're interested in our services and don't need us to be there in person, we can also organize a virtual seminar or workshop to avoid travel costs.

** Please note, we only sell CliftonStrengths assessment codes in conjunction with our coaching or training services.