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Prepare for College

Preparing for college can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to decide where you want to go, you have to figure out everything you need to do to make sure you get in. Filling out applications, preparing for interviews, not to mention keeping up with classes, extracurricular activities, and your family and friends while you’re doing all of that.
After you finally select a school, there’s the added bonus of worrying about what happens when you get there; choosing a major, finding friends and fitting in, dealing with roommates, and doing well in your classes. It’s okay to need some help preparing for this next phase in your life.

How Can Strengths University Help? 

We will create a personalized plan that focused on your talents that will make the process of preparing for college much more manageable. By recognizing your natural talents and learning how to use them effectively, you can be more confident in yourself and your ability to make decisions.


Working with one of our coaches to better understand your unique talents can help you find schools that match your personal mission. Strengths Coaching can make college application essays easier to write and make them more powerful. If an interview is part of your application process – whether it be for admissions, an internship, or a scholarship –


Strengths Coaching can help you articulate why you are the best candidate. Knowing your talents and how to use them will also help you establish a game plan for those unknown situations like making friends, dealing with roommate issues, and finding a career that best suits you. Strengths Coaching will give you a head start on your college career and give you a competitive edge over students who don’t know or understand their talents or who just can’t articulate them well.

Suggested Next Steps

  • Get our free Discovering Your Talents guide to discovering your talents.

  • Sign up for a free Campus Visit, a 15 minute chat with one of our coaches, to find out what coaching is all about and get more information on how Strengths can help you on your journey to college.  

  • If you are a student, our Strengths 101 Individual Coaching Package is a great introduction and will help you understand your Strengths and how you can start to use them to achieve your academic goals, prepare to live on campus, understand the best ways for you to study and succeed socially and academically, along with other goals you may have. Our advanced packages, Strengths 201 and Strengths 301, are also helpful if you want to go deeper into how your Strengths can help you transition to college and be a successful in college, both academically and socially. 

  • If you are a parent, guidance counselor, or another individual looking to help a group of students prepare for college, Contact Us to set up a group training, workshop, or even class to help your students maximize their Strengths and become more confident in themselves and their abilities.  

Begin Developing Your Strengths.

Contact our Strengths Team for more information or to schedule a service.

Talent can't be taught, but it can be awakened.

Wallace Stenger, American Novelist

Begin Developing Your Strengths.

Contact our Strengths Team for more information or to schedule a service.

Ana Simonian, 2018 Pharm D Candidate

At the time I reached out to Alicia for Strengths Coaching, I was in a shaky place with a team I was working with. Strengths coaching helps you put words to the things you “already know” about yourself in a sense, but could never truly verbalize or conceptualize. The experience of strengths coaching was absolutely fantastic – Alicia has a way of interacting with each person in a way that is meaningful and purposeful to them. Her genuine, kind, and compassionate demeanor make it easy to unpack some of the more difficult topics and concepts. I felt like Alicia helped me to understand myself in a deeper way, especially in how to apply my specific set of strengths to my current situation and my life. It truly has allowed me to form more cohesive relationships and deal with situations in a meaningful way! I would highly recommend strengths coaching to any person looking to understand themselves on a deeper level. If you are wanting to get out of a rut, move past a difficult situation, excel in your career, have better relationships, or understand why you do the things you do, this is for you!