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Who We Are

Updated: Feb 27

A quick hello from Anne and Alicia

Anne and Alicia touring a cemetery in New Orleans

About Anne...

Ahoy! I’m so excited to be here! I left my job in August of 2017 to start Strengths University because I wanted to be able to empower more people with Strengths than I could at my job. I worked in student housing for the vast majority of my career - I'd been an RA in college and loved it so I figured why not do it for a living. At this point, I’m not surprised by any situation or student issue...I’ve heard it all! What I love most is helping students grow and develop as they transition to college and to becoming self-sufficient adults. During my journey, I used various methods and techniques to help them but it wasn't until I started using Strengths that I really saw a light turn on - both for me and the students, staff, and faculty I worked with. It is both amazing and gratifying when someone suddenly sees themselves in a new way or figures out how to navigate a situation.

About Alicia...

Hey there! I’m Alicia and I am so glad you are here. I love Strengths coaching because I truly believe knowing, understanding, and using our personal, innate talents allows us to live engaged, successful, and intentional lives. I have personally experienced this growth and both from being coached and though getting the privilege of coaching others!

About Us...

Why choose us to walk with us on your journey of discovery and development? Well, here are 10 things that may help answer that question…

1. We are truly here to help you succeed.

2. We think we are pretty funny and we love funny things. We both love The Office (it’s one of the things that made us fast friends), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and we did love Arrested Development….but these days we’re feeling a little conflicted. I mean seasons 1-3…are Solid as A Rock, everything after that???. Ok, so maybe we like a lot of TV.

3. We both have dogs that are cute as all get out. See, here’s the evidence.

Halpert and Sweet Dee

4. Anne is all about sustainably raised and ethically treated meat. We have enduringly called this ‘happy meat.'

5. Alicia spent time working in a residential treatment facility…she had a lot of interesting experiences like being hit with a chair and learning how to physically restrain someone to help them de-esclate…but most importantly got to serve and support lots of kids.

6. Anne grew up in suburbia and Alicia grew up in the sticks. We’ve both worked in ‘the city’ for quite a while. We’ve been lucky enough to have a wide array of living experiences.

7. Alicia is a married, working-mom of a toddler who loves airplanes, swinging, and elephants. Anne has a bevy of nieces and nephews that provide endless entertainment during Aunt Anne time.

8. We have both worked in higher education for a long time, starting in college where we were both Resident Assistants and we have been friends for about 10 years, working together at a college for a long time and now owning Strengths University together.

9. We love to eat and we’re always looking for new restaurants or recipes to try! Anne likes to cook and Alicia likes to eat, so it's a friendship made in heaven.

10. We have both had really great life experiences…and really hard life experiences, we want to use all of our energy to help you get to a place of well-being, to a place where you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re doing things you’re good at, and you’re intentionally using your talents to build the life you have hoped for.