• Anne

Feed Your Talents

Updated: Feb 27

How can there be so many useful things on the Internet?!?

OMG. Stumble Upon is gone. I was getting ready to write this week’s blog and thought, “I know! I’ll use Stumble Upon and the first thing I find I’ll write about!” The first thing I found is that Stumble Upon died on June 30. RIP. It has been replaced with Mix.com. What’s Mix.com? IDK! I signed up in the hopes that it’s similar enough to Stumble Upon to satisfy me, but I'm too sad to try it right now.

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t this a Strengths blog, Anne? Why are you talking about Stumble Upon? In fact, this is the fifth time you’ve written “Stumble Upon.” Do you think this is like Beetlejuice and if you say it enough Stumble Upon will return?

I wish! Alas, no. I’m just in shock. I mean I guess in all fairness I haven’t used it in a while. If I had, I probably wouldn’t have been surprised about this development. I’ve just been kind of busy with the business. My Input has been overwhelmed, so my need for new bits of collectable information has been satiated as of late. See. There it is. Input. Strengths.

Back in the time before Strengths in my life – let’s call it BS (Before Strengths) – I liked to find interesting things on the Interweb. Often, I’d run out of places to look. I’d want to surf, but WHERE?!? Then I discovered Stumble Upon! How my friends and co-workers rued that day! I emailed them so many links to things I thought they would either love or find helpful in some way. I thought it was terribly nice of me. After a few weeks (and many eye rolls and sarcastic comments), I tried to only share things that I REALLY thought they’d take the time to read.

Again, BS (Before Strengths) I just thought I had too much free time or perhaps an addition to the internet. After Strengths, I realized that Stumble Upon was feeding my need for useful information (#input #theresanappforthat).

Why is this important? We each have a set of talents that need to be fed. BS I didn’t really understand the connection, but when I found Stumble Upon something just felt very right about it. There are probably things in your life, whether it be an app or program or a relationship or a tool, that you’ve naturally gravitated toward because of your talents. Once you start paying attention to how your talents play out in your life, they’ll become more apparent.

On the flip side, part of this journey is feeding your talents so they can grow into Strengths. Identifying tools like Stumble Upon both nourish them and give you the opportunity to maximize your talents. There are some ideas of how you can do this in your Strengths Insight and Action Planning Guide from Gallup. (Go to https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com/ and log into your account.) But you should also keep your eyes open for new tools and opportunities that will help support your talents, like Stumble Upon did for me. Meanwhile, I will go ahead and try this “Mix.com” and hope it will do the trick. Fingers crossed.

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