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Group Training Packages

Group packages are a great way to invest in your team, organization, or department. Whether your group is learning about their own talents, increasing engagement, or develop stronger interviewing skills, Strengths University can deliver an engaging training program for you. We offer one or two hour seminars and more extensive workshops, group coaching sessions, and retreats. 

To inquire or book a group training, please contact Anne Brackett at anne@strengthsuniversity.org

Strengths, Engagement, and Assertiveness Seminars

1 Hour Seminar / 2 Hour Seminar

Codes to take the CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) assessment are not included in the seminar pricing, but can be purchased for $15 per person. 

$350 / $700 *

Strengths, Engagement, and Assertiveness Workshops, Group Coaching, Retreats

4 hour (1/2 day) / 8 hour (full day)

Workshops, group coaching, and retreat packages include codes to take the CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) assessment for up to 40 participants. Additional participants are an additional $75 per person which includes the code to take the CliftonStrengths assessment.

$2700 / $4000 *

* Travel Costs

If you're located within 50 miles of the St. Louis Metro Area, we're happy to travel to you without any travel costs. If you're outside 50 miles of the St. Louis Metro Area, there will be travel costs in addition to the seminar or workshop fee. If you're interested in our services and don't necessarily need us to be there in person, we can also organize a virtual seminar or workshop to avoid travel costs. 

Varies Based on Location and Length of Stay

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Stephanie Mauzy, Director of Alumni Relations

The goal of our program was to empower women by instilling confidence and encouraging them to think focus on themselves. We felt that by starting with assessing with oneself and working to build, or continue, their assertiveness level could help them be the best in their position. This session is great because everyone can relate, regardless of age, gender, level of management, if your workplace is at home or at a company, we all exhibit these behaviors, and can likely improve on them which can better our emotional and mental stress and our relationships both in our personal and professional lives. We received very positive feedback from the presentation topic, the discussion it prompted and the presenter, who brought out audience participation and provided a relatable setting for our audience.