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Get Back on Track in College

So, you’re already in college and things aren’t going as well as you planned. Maybe you didn’t have to study very hard in high school, and found your college courses more challenging. Maybe you worried about making friends and fitting in and the semester got away from you. Maybe juggling work, family, and school turned out to be harder than you thought. Maybe you have no idea what happened, but things aren’t looking good. You’re embarrassed and worried about the situation and don’t know what to do. It’s important to know when to ask for help and get back on track for your college education. 

How Can Strengths University Help? 

We will help you learn more about your unique combination of talents. By understanding not only what you do well, but the opportunities to grow and develop your talents, you can better alter your study habits and environment to maximize your education. 

Our approach goes beyond learning styles – knowing your talents and developing them into Strengths is the way to get a more personalized approach to solving your problems. This can help you get a handle on your classes, your academic career, and balancing all your other responsibilities. 

Strengths Coaching gives you one-on-one help exploring your talents. Your Coach can help you look at your specific situation and find out the best way to approach challenges so you can be a happier, more successful student.

Suggested Next Steps

  • Get our free Discovering Your Talents guide to discovering your talents.

  • Sign up for a free Campus Visit, a 15 minute chat with one of our coaches, to find out what coaching is all about and get more information on how Strengths can help you get back on track if you're struggling in school. 

  • If you are a student, our Strengths 101 Individual Coaching Package is a great introduction and will help you understand your Strengths and how you can start to use them to achieve your academic goals. Our advanced packages, Strengths 201 and Strengths 301, are useful in really helping you address the underlying issues you may be having that are preventing you from being as successful as you'd like. We are here to help you develop your talents into Strengths, and use those Strengths to build the life you want by helping you achieve more in school.  

  • If you are a parent, guidance counselor, or another individual looking to help a group of students who are struggling in school, Contact Us to set up a group training, workshop, or even class to help your students maximize their Strengths and become more confident in themselves and their abilities.  

Begin Developing Your Strengths.

Contact our Strengths Team for more information or to schedule a service.

When we're able to put most of our energy into developing our natural talents, extraordinary room for growth exists. So, a revision to the 'You-can-be-anything-you-want-to-be' maxim might be more accurate: You cannot be anything you want to be—but you can be a lot more of who you already are.

Tom Rath, Strengths Finder 2.0