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Develop My Strengths

Maybe you’re feeling stuck in one or many areas of your life. Maybe there’s a challenging relationship at work or home. Maybe you’re not where you thought you’d be at this point in your life. Maybe things are going well, but you’re looking to excel in a specific area of your life. Maybe you’re prepping for the next stage of your life or a complete career change. A big change like these can be made easier by knowing yourself a bit better.

How Can Strengths University Help? 

We can help you better understand yourself, and your talents, and help you develop a plan for overcoming challenges, becoming more productive, improving communication, and simply feeling more satisfied with your life. We offer individual Strengths Coaching that can help you identify your unique talents, how to use them, and how to develop the skills to make those talents consistently productive – in other words turn them into Strengths.

Coaching starts with helping you understand how your talents show up in your life – both productively and when they get in your way. Then you’ll learn how to develop those talents so they’re even more productive. Finally, your coach will teach you how you can use your talents to solve the challenges you face every day – whether they be overcoming obstacles or getting ahead.

Suggested Next Steps

  • Get our free Discovering Your Talents guide to discovering your talents.

  • Sign up for a free Campus Visit, a 15 minute chat with one of our coaches, to find out what coaching is all about and get more information on how we can help you better understand and develop your Strengths.   

  • Our Strengths 101 Individual Coaching Package is a great introduction and will help you understand your talents and how you can start to use them into Strengths. Our advanced packages, Strengths 201 and Strengths 301, are great if you really want to explore your Strengths, how to develop them, and create action plans to use your Strengths to solve problems and achieve goals.

  • If you are part of a group or organization that would benefit from learning about their talents, we offer presentations and workshops that can focus on either how Strengths work can benefit individual development or team dynamics. Contact Us to set up a group training, workshop, or even class to help your group better understand and maximize their Strengths.

Begin Developing Your Strengths.

Contact our Strengths Team for more information or to schedule a service.

Kilinyaa Cothran, Director of Professional Student Affairs

I would absolutely recommend this training! Continued strengths training on the best way to use and incorporate strengths into everyday life, just makes common sense. If you are using strengths, the next logical step is to develop tools and skills to communicate your talents in a meaningful and productive way. Interviewing can be overwhelming. We are not taught that it is good to talk about ourselves. Our session gave people a way to constructively talk about themselves and what they do well.