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People have limited time and budgets, so when you’re planning a retreat, you want to achieve your goals without wasting your team’s time and energy or your money. This is challenging, especially when you have limited time to devote to planning a quality retreat. It is also challenging to lead and be an active part of a retreat.

If you’re like most of us, you’ve attended - or even planned - a retreat that was technically fine, but the topics you discussed didn’t actually help you achieve your goals. Maybe you were even excited about how things went – a great training session or brainstorming session – but ultimately that excitement faded and everything went back to “normal.” We will provide you with tools to keep the momentum going after you return to ‘the work.’


The goals of most retreat experiences include:

  • Improving Teamwork, Understanding, and Collaboration: understanding and appreciating the talents and perspectives of others

  • Strategic Planning: bringing together perspectives and moving toward a common goal

  • Resolving Problems Afflicting your organization: gaining clarity and moving beyond the frustrations to solutions


The Strengths framework is ultimately a problem-solving tool, it can be layered into any retreat. We cover the Strengths basics but can also help you look at challenges your organization is facing through a Strengths lens to find better solutions. If you’re working on a strategic plan, we can help you use the Strengths framework to create a plan that will challenge and engage your team based on your team’s talents, perspectives, and abilities.

How Can Strengths University Help? 

Strengths University can facilitate part or all of your retreat. We can work with your team for four hours or four days. The beauty of the Strengths framework is that it can enhance any work you are doing and we can build a retreat specifically to meet your needs.

We will have your team take the CliftonStrengths talent assessment before the retreat. During the retreat we will help you and your team understand your results and how they impact your behaviors, decisions, and interactions. You’ll have the opportunity to reflect on how you use your talents every day; how to use your unique set of talents to build complimentary partnerships; and how to more effectively do the work before you.

The better you and your team understanding how your talents impact your behaviors and perspectives, the more you know yourselves and why you do the things you do. Even more importantly, this helps you understand why you interact with others the way you do. If your team has problems working together, most of the friction will be rooted in how your talents are manifesting. Understanding this makes it easier for people to communicate and collaborate.   

Suggested Next Steps​​

  • If you're in the process of planning a retreat, or even just thinking about planning one, Contact Us and we can discuss what you're looking for and how we can incorporate Strengths to achieve your team and institutional goals. 

Begin Developing Your Strengths.

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Erin Morris, Coordinator of Academic Affairs & Postgraduate Education

The Strengths seminars are a fun way to highlight how each person can play a role in the team while encouraging new professionals to explore their own personal strengths and leverage them to their advantage. In addition to learning about themselves and their teammates, the administration also gains insight into their respective strengths and weaknesses. We are given the unique opportunity to offer support that plays to their strengths as early as possible and set them up for optimal success. The Strengths workshop highlights what we’re already good at and how to continue doing things well. It also gives us insight into where our weaknesses are and how we might collaborate better to form a well-rounded team to accomplish a goal.