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Become a Better Supervisor

Supervising people is hard. You work to excel at your job and move up but that usually means supervising others. Once you’re there, you rarely get training on how to effectively manage your direct reports. It’s not something that comes naturally to most people. You already have too much on your plate just trying to get all the work done, much less to have to deal with conflicting personalities and staff members who aren’t carrying their weight. Who has the time to balance the work, personnel issues, and professional development for a whole team?

How Can Strengths University Help? 

Strengths Coaching for Supervisors can help you navigate how to build a productive, engaged team. By better understanding your talents and the talents of your team, we can help you formulate a plan to maximize your team's efforts. We will help you learn how your talents may be impacting your role as supervisor - both positively and negatively. We will work with you to better understand your teams talents and how to utilize them to get things done and avoid conflict. We will help you make a personalized plan on how to change your own behaviors and support your team members talents to create a more engaged work environment for your entire team.

Suggested Next Steps

  • Get our free Discovering Your Talents guide to discovering your talents.

  • Sign up for a free Campus Visit, a 15 minute chat with one of our coaches, to find out what coaching is all about and get more information on how Strengths can add to your supervisor tool-box.

  • If you are a supervisor or manager our Strengths 101 Individual Coaching Package is a great introduction to help you understand your Strengths how to use them to achieve greater success in your supervisory role. Our advanced packages, Strengths 201 and Strengths 301, are exceptionally useful to if you want to go even deeper into Strengths. Those packages will help you build your confidence and effectiveness as a leader and will give you tools to lead your team to become stronger, more productive, and more engaged.

  • If you are an HR practitioner or other administrator looking to guide a group of employees in building their supervisory skills, Contact Us to set up a group training, workshop, or even class to help your employees maximize their Strengths and become more confident in themselves and their abilities.  

Begin Developing Your Strengths.

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Erin Morris, Coordinator of Academic Affairs & Postgraduate Education

The Strengths seminars are a fun way to highlight how each person can play a role in the team while encouraging new professionals to explore their own personal strengths and leverage them to their advantage. In addition to learning about themselves and their teammates, the administration also gains insight into their respective strengths and weaknesses. We are given the unique opportunity to offer support that plays to their strengths as early as possible and set them up for optimal success. The Strengths workshop highlights what we’re already good at and how to continue doing things well. It also gives us insight into where our weaknesses are and how we might collaborate better to form a well-rounded team to accomplish a goal.

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